White Paper: How Distributed Teams Handle Remote Working During Covid-19

Research findings and a best-practice Remote Working Charter

Between 15 March and 14 April 2020, one week before the UK went into lockdown on 23 March, we completed a Remote Working Survey.

Our intention was to try to understand what remote working meant to our clients and those in our networks, in particular the kind of challenges they faced and the help that was needed. From there we could add our own insights into remote working as well as our combined experience of working with international brands for over 20 years.

Key Findings

  1. Keeping everyone focused and motivated is the number one challenge.
  2. It’s hard to separate work from home, particularly when there are young children in the house.
  3. Due to the nature of the pandemic, this is not remote working in the way that it is defined traditionally.
  4. There is a big increase in online meetings and the use of video – ‘Zoom’ is now the collective noun for a web meeting.
  5. Productivity is compromised by juggling domestic issues, too many meetings, micromanagement and other distractions.
  6. Selling to prospective and existing clients is hard in a remote working world but for a significant few it offers new and accelerated ways of selling.
  7. 80% of businesses are not prepared for remote working in terms of mindset or technology enablement.


The survey was answered by respondents representing over 40 companies across two continents with some working for organisations with up to 20,000 staff working remotely. 

Download the White Paper

Download the White Paper to read about

  1. What employees find most challenging about remote working
  2. The positive and negative discoveries they have made
  3. What home workers want help with the most
  4. How to maintain relationships with existing partners and customers
  5. How remote working affects the ability to sell to customers

Our findings are presented in term the key stress points and suggested actions to overcome these.

We also present The Remote Working Charter as a way to encourage business leaders, whether they run a large corporate or an entrepreneurial start-up, to embrace and thrive in this way of working.

The Remote Work Pros

The White Paper is produced in partnership with Jeremy Blain, CEO Performance Works. Together we offer a range of remote working courses to for businesses looking for expert help in this area.

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