Remote Working Is Here To Stay: How To Make It Work

Our way of working is rapidly evolving and being accelerated further by the current COVID-19 crisis. More and more people are being forced to work remotely as the only safe way to continue doing their jobs. This is fast-tracking a trend already in play and will become more ‘normalised’ as an acceptable way of working post the current crisis.

The Remote Work Pros© understand that many HR directors, line managers and employees are neither comfortable nor knowledgeable about how to get started, how to create the optimal remote work space and how to collaborate virtually. They need advice, tips, technologies and tools that enable a productive, enjoyable remote work experience.

The Remote Work Pros©  have a series of virtual classes and webcasts to help you rapidly know what to do and how to do it, supplemented by immediate actionable steps and simple tools that will make remote work life easier to initiate and manage


What we offer:

As professional remote workers, advisors and leaders of teams, we can work with your company and your teams. In parallel, we will shortly be launching a series of open-enrolment virtual classes and web sessions for anyone in the world to register and join.

A global community of remote workers, learning and communicating together.


Joe Pélissier

Jeremy Blain