About the Team

Many years in media mean we have the combined expertise to improve how your business looks, sounds and engages with customers.

Joe Pélissier
Managing Director

m: 07730 920 813
e: joe@pelissier.co.uk

I’m a business communication advisor, however I was supposed to become an actor.

Everyone in my family acts and, if I’d carried on the tradition, I would have been the 6th generation to tread the boards. Actors are colourful characters, which might explain why my parents and grandparents have 12 marriages between them.

Unusually, I’m only on my first. I’ve been married to the same gorgeous lady for over 30 years and I have 3 children who have miraculously come out all right.

It’s disgustingly normal! I don’t do divorce and I don’t do drugs. Unlike my grandmother, Fay Compton, who in her 20s, was involved in a cocaine scandal with the songwriter, Ivor Novello.

And my wife and I are around the same age which is unusual. Most Pélissier marriages have a least a 15-year age gap. My mother’s first husband was 30 years her senior whilst Fay went in the other direction, making sure that her 4th husband was younger than my father!

Since a young age, I have met and been surrounded by very famous people. As child, I met Charlie Chaplin and Robert Graves and for the early part of my career, I worked with the great and the good in the film industry.

For a number of years, I worked for John Cleese’s company, Video Arts, producing training videos with Graeme Garden and featuring Hugh Laurie and Dawn French.

People always ask me what Cleese is like? Well, he’s the sort of man who asks you for a de-caffeinated cappuccino when you are in the middle of nowhere and there’s isn’t a hell’s chance of finding one…

I worked in the film & tv industry for nearly 18 years working on commercials, documentaries, television drama and the odd movie – and have some good tales from those days.

Today, I advise business leaders and design and deliver communication solutions for those who work in marketing, customer service or digital media.

Much of this focuses on written, spoken and digital tone of voice and how to establish long-lasting relationships with clients, particularly for upmarket brands such as Nespresso, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. For many years I’ve had long-term working relationships with England Rugby, the European Commission as well as entrepreneurial start-ups like Ignition Financial.

Associate Creative Directors

Partnering me I have two talented Associate Creative Directors and together we work as a remote team with offices in Oxford, Basingstoke and Leeds.

Igor Boskov
Creative Director

m: 07557 048982
e: igor@pelissier.co.uk

With Igor I produce videos, primarily training videos. To date we’ve produced over 150 videos for England Rugby and we regularly advise companies on how to use video as part of a content marketing strategy.

Igor must be the only Macedonian Creative Director in the UK, which makes him unique. At least I don’t know of any others. He’s a wizard video editor, capable of turning the most uninspiring footage into something exceptional. A graduate from Central St Martins, Igor also learned is craft at Video Arts as well as at Monty Python Pictures with Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam.

We started out when films were made on 35mm/16mm, so we’ve first-hand experience of the journey from analogue to digital that visual media has made.

Adam Marshall
Designer & Developer

m: 077702 611 513
e: adam@pelissier.co.uk

With Adam, I advise brands on brand identity and together we’ve developed a process to help companies unlock the brand essence of who they are and what they stand for.

Adam is an exceptional designer and honed his skills at Mediacom before setting up OGMCreative. He’s in charge of all branding, web design and development and, as you will discover, is super-fast in all he does.

He keeps us up to date with the latest technologies and is one of those rare birds who can do both design and web development to a very high standard.