Sony Interactive Entertainment
Case Study

Awareness Training about Digital Communication Skills and Tactics

The challenge:

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) realised that its employees were not as digitally aware, as they should be. There was also a divide between the digitally ‘secure’ behaviours of younger employees and the digitally ‘insecure’ attitudes of senior managers and directors.

To overcome this the HR and Training department was tasked with giving the workforce a better understanding of digital communication tools and tactics. The same awareness training should also be available to both senior and junior members of staff.

The approach:

Our approach was to design a workshop to give attendees useful and essential information without overloading them with detail.

The approach split the topic into three parts:

Part 1: Digital Mindsets – how those who are digitally connected think and behave and how this knowledge impacts on their own digital behaviours

Part 2: Digital Communication Skills – the sort of tips and tricks that influence effective digital communication whether creating a demand for a product or day-to-day communication with colleagues

Part 3: Digital Tools & Tactics – an introduction to popular tools like Facebook and Twitter, the strategies and tactics companies use, the influence of online video and a look at some lesser known apps and their potential to influence e.g. Periscope.

To accompany the workshops, attendees received handouts to take away and refer to.

The solution:

Regardless of their position or department, employees were invited to a 3-hour Digital Communication awareness workshop.

The sessions were not compulsory but are recommended as part of personal self-development.

Up to 20 workshops were delivered in London and Liverpool over 12 months.

The result:

For HR & Training, there is confidence that SIE employees now have a better awareness and understanding of the digital world they live and work in.

The attendees come away with tips and tricks they can apply to their work as well as an understanding of how personal digital habits impact on professional communication behaviours.

SIE has narrowed the gap between those who are digitally ‘secure’ / ‘insecure’.

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