Reed & Mackay
Case Study

Video Training Modules for the Travel Industry

The challenge:

Reed & Mackay is one of the UK’s largest providers of corporate travel services. In response to customers’ preference to self-book business travel and accommodation it developed VIATIQ, a technically advanced but easy to use Self-Booking Tool (SBT).

As VIATIQ was designed to save client’s time and money a measure of its success would mean a reduction in the number of support calls received by client services and less cost per call charges to the client. This objective would be easier to reach if the SBT came with a series of simple video training support modules. Clients could then watch them instead of reaching for the phone.

The approach:

Thee concept was to film a female presenter against green screen so that she could simultaneously engage with the functionality of VIATIQ and the viewer. As VIATIQ is a complex tool we needed to acquire a detailed understanding of how it worked, script a module and then test our concept.

The approach centred on the creation of end-user scenarios that were then turned into script storyboards. These included Presenter to camera pieces, interactivity with the SBT and on-screen animations. With the storyboard we were then confidant that the key training points were covered and how to approach the filming and post-production of each module.

Particular attention was given to the casting the female presenter. She would be on-screen most of the time and so would need to have a confidence and naturalness that viewers would readily accept.

The solution:

The production of 6 x scenario-based training videos covering:

  1. An Introduction to VIATIQ
  2. Making a Rail Booking
  3. Making a Hotel Booking
  4. Making a Flight Booking
  5. Adding Travel Options to a Shortlist
  6. How to complete your Checkout

Each module ran for 3 – 5 minutes.

We recorded and edited a ‘pilot’ module to test how the presenter interacted with VIATIQ screen and how the training came across. This allowed us to make important script changes and revisions to our production approach that improved the end result.

The result:

Feedback from Reed & Mackay clients shows that they find the videos easy to watch and helpful. Importantly, initial analysis suggests that the videos are helping to reduce the number of support calls the company receives.

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