Case Study

Rebranding Oxford’s Global Consultancy Agency

The challenge:

Oxentia was formerly known as Isis Enterprise, a successful innovation management and technology commercialisation consultancy that started life as an operating division within the world leading technology transfer company of the University of Oxford, Oxford University Innovation.

In order to launch, Oxentia needed a new brand and visual identity that communicated their past heritage and positioning with the University, and simultaneously enhanced their global reach and expertise.

Deep background research enabled us to establish a clear sense of Oxentia’s positioning.

The approach:

At the heart of everything we did was our unifying concept. Collaborate openly, innovate globally. Placing Oxentia in the center of this ensured the new brand speaks the historical gravitas of Oxford and an innovative future of expertise.

We undertook several stages of idea generation and refinement exploring different visual approaches and how they answered the call of the initial concept. The client was heavily involved in this process to ensure they felt a sense of ownership over the evolving brand.

The solution:

Following several rounds of iterations and refinements the final chosen logo variants were defined. We produced a comprehensive brand guideline document which details brand usage in various print and digital formats.

We then established a brand toolkit of materials to launch the new Oxentia branding. This included brochures and stationery, digital templates and email signatures.

This process allowed us to revisit the brand guidelines and make improvements based on real world use-cases.

The result:

The new Oxentia brand launched on time, within budget and has been very well received both internally and within the industry.

We have since produced several brochures and other marketing materials using the new brand guidelines. Directly seeing the brand become more established is a satisfying testament to our branding process.

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