Case Study

Social Media Tone of Voice Training for Client Relationship Centres

The challenge:

With a little help from George Clooney, the Nespresso brand communicates simplicity, warmth, and humour as well as the pleasure in owning a Nepresso machine.

The challenge for the client service department in Lausanne was to make sure that Client Relationship Centres (CRCs) worldwide knew how to communicate the essence of the brand when communicating with clients via social media, live chat and email.

The requirement was a series of training modules about tone of voice and the delivery of it in way that is congruent with the expectations of the client and Nepresso’s values.

The approach:

The first step was to research how the brand communicates digitally and to see if different Client Relationship Centres (CRC) were using tone of voice appropriately.

After the presentation of our findings, the design of training to teach:

  1. The digital mindset and behaviour of the customer
  2. Digital tone of voice and why it distinguishes brands
  3. Digital writing skills and how to develop them
  4. Conversational categories and how to prioritise them
  5. Governing principles in relation to social media, live chat and email
  6. Time management in terms of answering client and why this is linked to productivity.

The approach encourages each Client Relationship Centre (CRC) to retain a sense of its own cultural identity even though it is part of a global brand.

The solution:

In association with Colorado Conseil, the design and delivery of:

  1. Success Journals for completion, pre-and post any training
  2. 4 x ½ day training modules for delivery to CRCs internationally either via GoToMeeting or on site.
  3. Train the Trainer support materials so that Team Leaders in each CRC can train colleagues.

Monitoring and review of the training every 6 months to keep it up to date.

The result:

Internationally all CRCs receive the same tone of voice training. This ensures that there is consistency in how the brand delivers a world-class customer service through its digital channels.

Coffee specialists can identify what sort of tone of voice they should use and why. They are aware of the categories of conversation customers wish to have and the language to use when replying to them.

The tone of voice Nespresso uses results in positive social media advocacy by the Nespresso online community.

Pélissier / Colorado Conseil has worked with Nespresso since 2012. Training has been delivered in Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Lausanne (HQ), Lyon, New York, Paris, Prague, Sion, Stockholm, Sydney and York.

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