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Case Study

Sports Content Marketing - Keep Your Boots On!

The challenge:

Keep Your Boots On! (KYBO!) is an England Rugby initiative that attracts, recruits and trains players, of all ages and backgrounds, who are interested in becoming a rugby coach or referee.

It began during the 2015 Rugby World Cup when the challenge was simply to raise awareness of KYBO! and the benefits of becoming a coach or referee. Today, it is about satisfying the needs a diverse grassroots rugby community of over 15,000 and working to ensure that the brand continues to go from strength to strength.

The approach:

The success of KYBO! is down to sustainable content marketing.

With our understanding of our audiences, we design, write and create content that is relevant, useful and engaging. This forms part of a quarterly publishing calendar so that on any day of the month we know what is being published.

Video is our most effective communication tool as well as our growing collection of online tools on the KYBO! website. These ensure that the site is always the first port of call for anyone in search of advice to help them on their rugby journey.

Our social media channels direct traffic to the website but as each represents a different demographic, the content is tailored accordingly. For those not on social, there is a monthly newsletter, KYBO! News, which has a consistent open rate of over 45%. 


The solution:

KYBO! has a strong brand identity and offers a wide range of content marketing features:

The solution involves strategy, copywriting, design, development and video production.

The result:

KYBO!, is an established England Rugby brand that is used as a communication channel by other England Rugby initiatives. Namely, England Rugby Referee Association (ERRA), England Rugby Coaching Association (ERCA), Rugby Safe, Age Grade Rugby and Young Match Officials (YMO).

  • 2,500 + subscribers to KYBO! News
  • 4,275 + Twitter Followers and up to 42,000 impressions a month
  • 6,450 + Likes on Facebook with an organic reach of 1.4 million
  • 1,120 – Followers on Instagram
  • 2,150 + Subscribers on YouTube and the influential Game Changer series

For anyone interested in getting started as a rugby coach or referee, KYBO! is the place to start.

KYBO! is recognised for its support for the growth in female coaches and match officials. It achieves a demographic split of 75/25 across its platforms whilst the industry average is 93/7. It is also proactive  in encouraging the next generation of young coaches and referees.

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