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Case Study

Sports Community Marketing: Keep Your Boots On!

The challenge:

Keep Your Boots On! (KYBO!) is an England Rugby initiative that aims to attract, recruit and train players who are interested in becoming a rugby coach or referee.

KYBO! began in 2015, with England hosting the Rugby World Cup. The challenge was to raise awareness of KYBO! and the benefits of becoming a coach or referee. In achieving this, new challenges started to present themselves.

How to increase the number of players registering to go a course? How to encourage more women to coach or referee? And by 2018, how to satisfy the growing needs of a grassroots rugby community of over 10,000?

The approach:

Since 2015 our approach had evolved. To begin, it was a matter of analysing our the audience, evaluating the most appropriate communication channels and creating a brand identity supported by the right themes and messages.

Today our approach is built around the daily publication of relevant information and prioritising video as the most effective way of getting our message across. At the same time, our messaging must be adaptive so that KYBO! appeals as much to the established coach or referee as to the young boy or girl wanting to have a go.


The solution:

A strong KYBO! brand identity and communication that is built around a monthly publishing calendar designed to appeal to the different demographics within the community.

  • www.keepyourbootson.co.uk – a website with news, information, resources and insights about becoming a grassroots coach or referee
  • User Generated Content (UGC) filmed by the community and edited/published by Pelissier
  • I am a Coach / I am a Referee grassroots stories
  • A Course Locator showing the course that is nearest to where you live
  • Facebook (www.facebook.com/KYBOEngland), Twitter (@KYBOEngland) and Instagram (kyboengland) channels
  • A library of 300 + videos viewable on YouTube (KYBOEngland), the website and Facebook
  • A monthly KYBO! News newsletter.

The solution involves skills in strategy, copywriting, design, development and video production.

The result:

Keep Your Boots On!, is an established brand that is now used as a invaluable communication channel by other England Rugby initiatives. Namely, England Rugby Referee Association (ERRA), England Rugby Coaching Association (ERCA), Age Grade Rugby and Young Match Officials (YMO).

  • 2,500 + subscribers to KYBO! News
  • 3,500 + Twitter Followers and up to 42,000 impressions a month
  • 5,500 + Likes on Facebook with an organic reach of 1.4 million in 2017
  • 1,000 + Subscribers on YouTube and the influential Game Changer series

KYBO! is now the first port of call for anyone interested in getting started as a coach or referee. It is also influential in its support for the growth in women rugby, achieving a demographic split of 75/25.


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