Case Study

Video Training Modules for the Insurance Industry

The challenge:

Eviid is a technology company with that specialises in capturing video, audio and image data on mobile devices. Whilst Skype or Facetime can also do this, Eviid is different because it ensures the data is secure and it can provide a range of reporting and work-flow tools. This means the technology in popular in the insurance sector and that the data is suitable for use in court, claims and complaints.

With a growing demand for the product by insurance companies, Eviid needed a series of video training modules to explain how Eviid Pro, it’s mobile app, works. These would result in Eviid staff spending less time training insurance companies and increase the self-sufficiency of such organisations. The time saved could then be used in other areas of the business.

The approach:

Eviid Pro is a mobile app and so the approach was unlike the production of other training videos. Presentation of the key features was a high priority, as well how to show example ‘claims’ data that users could relate to. We also had to consider the different interfaces of Android and iOS.

The approach was to break the Eviid Pro app into series of short, easy to follow modules of no more than 1 – 3 minutes. We would then work with an Eviid subject matter expert, to check understanding, work-flow and accuracy. As soon the content for a module was agreed, we could film ‘claims’ content using Eviid Pro and create a training simulation using a scratch voice-over.

Once our training simulations were approved, the voice-over was recorded by a professional actor. Again, due the complexity of the work, a pilot-voice over was used first time.

The solution:

The production of 11 x scenario-based training videos covering:

  1. Logging in to Eviid Pro (Android & iOS versions)
  2. Managing Your Settings (Android & iOS versions)
  3. Setting up a Case
  4. How to Record Video Data
  5. How to Capture Photo Data
  6. How to Stream Live Video
  7. How to Submit Video & Photo Data (Android & iOS versions)
  8. Adding Forms to a Case

Total running time was 20 minutes with the duration of each module ranging from 40 seconds to 3 minutes.

The videos are hosted on an Eviid server available to Eviid clients.

The result:

Eviid can now spend less time explaining to clients how Eviid Pro works and more time growing the business. Clients find the videos easy to use and so are content with this approach.

Eviid also has a suite of training modules that can be tailored for the needs of other industries i.e. Utilities, Social Housing, Retail etc. The modules can also be localised affordably so that as the international market grows foreign language versions are easy to create.

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