Emergency First Aid Rugby Union
Case Study

The delivery of 16 x Emergency First Aid Rugby Union training videos.

The challenge:

England Rugby takes a strong lead in teaching anyone who is involved with the sport the importance of player safety and well-being.  It runs first aid courses, promotes best practice in schools, colleges and club and publishes information online.

The need was the production of a set of rugby relevant Emergency First Aid training videos that could be used by experienced / non-experienced first aiders, whether as part of a training course or as a free online resource via England Rugby websites.

The approach:

In partnership with the Rugby Safe team, led by Rachel Brown, Player Welfare Manager, we agreed we wanted to create a series of videos that were:

Written and presented by expert first aid practitioners in order to communicate credibility

Presented by a selection of presenters in order to provide contrast and variety

Used the presenter both as the teacher and the first-aider

Filmed in a green-screen studio and on the rugby pitch.

The live action scenarios were to be filmed with only those involved in the incident, rather than try to re-create a real-life rugby situation. This would then give us greater control in our approach to illustrating the key training points.

The green-screen approach would allow us to cut smoothly between the live action and teaching sequence.  It would also give is greater flexibility for training graphics and animations.

The solution:

We worked in partnership with the physiotherapy team at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire, led by Richard Mack, the Head of Physiotherapy (to check)

All of the proposed videos were storyboarded so that there was clarity over

  • Key training message
  • Live action scenarios to filmed
  • Greens-screen sequences

The live-action scenarios were recorded over four days, the green-screen sequence over two and a half days.

Post-production involved up to 25 days.

The result:

  • The delivery of 16 x Emergency First Aid Rugby Union training videos.
  • Each video is between 2 – 5 minutes with the overall duration running at 60 minutes.
  • The videos feature rugby playing volunteers as well as 2 female presenters and one male presentery
  • The videos are a part of England Rugby’s Rugby Safe online training resource and are available via YouTube (Playlist Link) and KeepYourBootsOn! (Video Library link)

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