Advice & Support During COVID-19 Times

Practical advice about how to create visibility and maintain business relationships during COVID-19 times.

Regardless of whether you are a large organisation or an SME, it is essential that during the COVID-19 crisis you stay visible and communicate with your customer and employees on a regular basis.

At present the short-term priorities are:

  1. Publishing a COVID-19 page so that visitors know where you stand
  2. Making sure you are visible via social media or newsletter
  3. Communicating what you know is relevant not what you assume is.

What we know about and understand is business communication, so whether it’s advice you want or a specific service, we are to help you.

Over the next few weeks we will continue to publish articles and videos in Pélixir Blog as well as keep you informed about effective business communication in the Pélixir newsletter.

We are working closely with Ignition Financial at this time. They are providing invaluable information about financial measures to help SME’s and so I’d strongly recommend visiting the Ignition Financial website.

It is not business as usual for any of us which is why being on hand to offer support to those who need it is so important.

You can contact me, Joe Pélissier on 07730 920 813 or email