Advice, Mentoring & Training Courses

Advice for business owners, directors and managers - training courses to improve marketing & business communication.

Advice & Mentoring

We all need advice at some point in our career. It might be to discuss strategy, branding or marketing. Or, maybe it’s something you want a confidential external opinion on?

I advise business owners, directors and senior managers, those who feel they will benefit from working with someone with experience in helping businesses to grow.

Results are best achieved when there is a weekly or monthly commitment. Each session is 30- 60 minutes and takes place with a clear set of objectives between one session and the next.

Training Courses

I’ve been designing and delivering training courses since 2007. These cover topics that require a better understanding of marketing and branding or the need for improved written and spoken communication.

Pre-Covid-19 I worked internationally and have delivered courses in Alicante, Barcelona, Bilboa, Brussels, Cologne, Florence, Helsinki, London, Luxembourg, Milan, New York, Thessaloniki, Turin, Seville, Stockholm and Sydney.

I also have many years of delivering webinars and virtual training to teams in Asia, Europe and South America.

1. Marketing & Communication Strategy

How to write a deliverable communication plan that is an accurate reflection of your goals, audience, strategy, tactics and the measurable for success.

2. Content Marketing

How to use content marketing as a way to inform and educate your target audience about the value of the services you deliver.

3. Branding & Brand Identity

How to capture the essence of your brand, the process to follow and the long-term benefits of brand identity.

4. Client Experience

How to use the right tone of voice in written and spoken communication in order to establish profitable client relationships across multiple channels.

Much of this training is delivered by my luxury client service consultancy

5. Email Communication

How to change the way your company approaches, writes and handles email. Learn how to kill with clarity and take into account the time integrity of the sender and receiver.

6. Writing for the Web & Social Media

How to develop digital writing skills for websites and social media that adapt to the channel and the target reader.

7. Media Training

How to talk to the camera with believability and confidence so that you come across as memorable and authentic.

8. Remote Working

How to manage distributed teams post Covid-19 so that they are motivated and productive in order to meet your business objectives.

The Remote Working courses are delivered as part of The Remote Work Pros.  This is a partnership I have with Jeremy Blain of Performance Works International.


To discuss the delivery of any of these services or courses please Contact Joe.